The Wunda Chair is one of the most interesting looking pieces of professional Pilates equipment available today.  Though it looks like a mix between a stair stepper and a science fiction torture device, this Pilates machine is a great way to improve your Pilates workout.

So what exactly does this device do?  First of all, because Pilates focuses always on the quality of the movements being performed, this chair is used to enhance the user’s ability to isolate certain muscle groups, especially in the back, legs, and abdominals.  Like other Pilates equipment, the Wunda Chair provides a stable base for controlled body movements. 

This chair can be used in the supine or prone positions, as well as for exercises where the practitioner lays on his or her side.  It is excellent for long side stretches and leg strengthening routines.

If you are looking at purchasing professional Pilates equipment this might be a great place to start.  You can begin by purchasing a basic Wunda Chair, which can be used either as a regular chair or exercise machine, with a simple adaptation. 

For those who are more advanced in the art of Pilates, there are optional hand holds that can be purchased and added to the basic chair.  These are useful for some of the more limber and acrobatic moves, such as those that may be seen on the trapeze table and wall units for Pilates and fitness routines.

The more advanced and expensive version of this Pilates machine includes a solid back, usually made of wood, that gives the unit greater stability for advanced Pilates routines.

A professional Pilates shop or studio may need to invest in several of these chairs, but a private individual would do well to weight the cost of owning one against the cost of visiting a good studio.  Pilates benefit for the body can be achieved equally well at home as in the classroom and for those who wish to purchase one of these chairs for personal use, Pilates Health Equipment (https://pilateshealthequipment.com.au/) is one of the best companies for quality and pricing.

There are also other pieces of Pilates equipment that the serious user might look at purchasing.  The Pilates reformer is a great machine that helps to build lean muscle through full range of motion exercise for arms, legs, and abdominals.  The Cadillac table, also known as “the rack”, can assist in the most advanced Pilates routines.  For those with back problems or who are looking to isolate hard to reach muscles, the Ladder Barrel, ARC barrel, or spine corrector, are other great Pilates machines to look into.

Most people will need to seek out a Pilates store or class in order to use a Wunda Chair, but for the more advanced student of Pilates, this Pilates machine can be purchased from Pilates Health Equipment (https://pilateshealthequipment.com.au/) for a surprisingly low cost.


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