Joseph Pilates always envisioned having a system that would greatly improve the health, well-being, and lifestyle of those who used it.  Pilates is now known all over the world for being a great way to do just these things.  But how can Pilates help you specifically?  It’s well enough for celebrities to rave about it; after all, they have access to professional Pilates equipment and instructors, but is the Pilates benefit accessible to everyday people?

The answer is actually an emphatic yes, and here is why.  Pilates, unlike other exercise programs, is build on the simple principle that the body itself contains all the range of motion that it needs to be healthy.  The Pilates system focuses on the quality of the exercises preformed, rather than the repetition and quantity of them.  Since it actually began as a rehabilitation program for people who has suffered injury or long term hospitalization, this program has a built in level system. 

You as a beginner, can enter the world of well-being with little to no Pilates equipment at all.  Most of the basic routines ask only for a mat and comfortable clothing.  The motions you will be performing are all designed to slowly tone the muscles, while increasing blood flow to the area.  This produces long, lean muscle, rather than bulk. It also helps to increase your ability to move freely.

As you advance in strength, flexibility, and skill, there are professional Pilates equipment designs that you can take advantage of to expand your workout.  The Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Spine Correctors, ARC barrel and Pilates Springboard/Pilates Wall Board are all examples of equipment that will extend your physical abilities and open up new Pilates moves for you.  One of the best places to find these machine and others is Pilates Health Equipment (  They can help you select the right Pilates machine for your specific routines.

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But the biggest benefit of Pilates, arguably, is the stress relief that comes from it.  Because the program is specifically intended to stretch muscles out, not just bunch them up, it helps to release long-standing tension.  This leads to better sleep, more comfortable daily life, and in many cases, the relief of chronic muscular-skeletal pain. 

Because Pilates is also a slower paced program in most cases (though certain classes are taught at a more energizing pace), it can become a daily ritual that allows you to take time to process what’s ahead, and feel refreshed and empowered to meet the day!

For total body health, toning, strengthening, and sculpting, there is no better program than Pilates.  But benefits of Pilates extend into the mind, lifestyle, and stress management techniques of the user as well.  It is certainly a program worth investigating for your own personal health.


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