Signature Series Trapeze Table BundleWHAT IS A TRAPEZE TABLE?

Pilates is the wonderful and relaxing exercise craze that has been keeping celebrities, housewives, business people, athletes and dancers alike in the best shape of their lives.  The founder of Pilates had a vision of using the body’s natural range of motion to restore muscle tone, improve circulation, and increase the health of joints.  Though the basic program developed from a physical rehabilitation technique, it has fast become a favorite way for anyone to keep in shape.

Beginning students of the Pilates benefits can perform most of the exercises with simply a mat and a good firm floor.  However, some of the more advanced moves requires support structures that can be found in specifically designed Pilates machine devices.  These devices range from the Pilates Reformer and ARC barrel designs, to the science fiction appearance of the Wunda chair, to the cream of the crop Cadillac Table.

The Cadillac Table, also known as the Trapeze table, or in Pilates slang “the rack”, is a device meant to allow the most support for some of the most difficult and impressive exercises. 

To describe this selection of professional Pilates equipment one must envision a massage table that is set higher off the floor than normal.  This table is surrounded by four sturdy metal posts which are connected at the top.  From these posts, hang other pieces of Pilates equipment including a trapeze, stirrups, and a bracing device.

When it was first designed, this table was intended to help those who had been bedridden long term to regain muscle control and recover from the atrophy and stiffness produced by their long hospitalization.  The shape and size of the apparatus have changes slightly as the exercise became more popular for healthy people who were just looking to get into better shape.  However, for the most part, the Trapeze table has been kept true to form.

It is one of the more costly pieces of professional Pilates equipment and as such, is usually only available at more intensive Pilates studios.  Cadillac Pilates is not usually practiced at home, but if you are an advanced Pilates practitioner, you might want to invest in one of these tables.  It certainly allows for a workout unlike any other. One of the companies that provides an excellent price on a high quality table is Pilates Health Equipment (

For those who do not have the space for a full Trapeze table , there are also Pilates wall units and Reformers with Trapeze that work on the same general concept but are smaller and more compact, as well as being low to the ground.



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