Pilates Box for Sale

Pilates Health Equipment offers you a wide range of Pilates equipment supporting our Pilates reformer range. Most of our Pilates Health Equipment Reformers come with a Pilates Long Box. If however you are seeking a Pilates Long Box or Pilates Short Box, these are available for purchase and delivery Australia-wide.

Pilates Box

A Pilates reformer long box is one of the best ways to get the most out of your Pilates reformer exercises. Our long boxes, short boxes and sitting boxes are ideal for adding variation to your reformer routine, meaning you can build strength and flexibility in every part of your body. In short, a sitting box makes use of the full range of your reformer equipment. They allow you to change up your rhythm without needing to adjust to an entirely new piece of machinery.

Pilates Long Box, Short Box and Sitting Box

When you search for Pilates reformer boxes, you may need to filter specifically through long, short and sitting boxes. There are some subtle differences between these products. If you select a longer box for your cart, you’ll receive a reformer box which is 700mm long, 400mm wide and 280mm tall. Our shorter box is also 280mm tall but contains a slightly thinner length and width, at 610mm and 360mm respectively. More broadly, sitting boxes can refer to long or short boxes