Signature Series MK II Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze BundleWHEN TO UPGRADE TO A PILATES REFORMER WITH HALF TRAPEZE

If you’ve been using a Pilates Reformer for any length of time, then you are well aware of the benefits of the exercises made possible by such a piece of equipment. However, you are no doubt also aware that there are some Pilates exercises which require the use of a trapeze table in order to perform them correctly. If you don’t have room for a trapeze table in addition to the Pilates Reformer which you already own, then we have some good news for you. You have the option to upgrade to a Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze, which is a piece of equipment that combines the features of both machines.

An Evaluation of Your Goals

To help you decide whether or not it’s time for you to upgrade from a Pilates Reformer to a Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze, we recommend that as a first step, you take some time to assess whether or not your current exercise routine is meeting all of the objectives you had in mind when you chose it. Also, it could Signature Series MK II Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze Bundlevery well be that you would like to revise your goals and further strengthen and tone certain muscles in your body that the trapeze table, also known as the Cadillac, has some great exercises for. For example, if you want to strengthen and tone your hips and thighs, then the Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze could be an especially good asset to you.

The Exercises Themselves

In order to give you just one example of what we’re talking about, we’ll take that goal we just mentioned (strengthening and toning your hips and thighs) and tell you about one exercise you can perform on a trapeze table (or the Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze) that will help you do just that. It's called the “Short Spine”. If you lie down flat on the trapeze table, placing your head closest to the end where the straps are located, you can then insert your legs into the straps and tug down. The resistance is what improves the strength and tone in the targeted muscles.

Making the Switch

Once you have your new piece of equipment, you can sell your old Pilates Reformer. The combination table will allow you to perform all the same exercises and more. It isn’t difficult to switch between exercises, either. The Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze will be a little taller at one end than your Pilates Reformer, but it’s still just as easy to set up. You definitely won’t regret making the switch. One of the companies that provides an excellent price on a high quality Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze is Pilates Health Equipment (


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