If you’re determined to lose weight, a Pilates Reformer is a great piece of equipment to buy. You’ll still need to watch what you eat, but with a Pilates Reformer, you’ll have everything you need for your exercise routine. This is especially true if you buy a Pilates Reformer that is combined with a trapeze table. Pilates Reformers are available combined with either a half trapeze or a full trapeze. If your budget will allow, purchasing a Pilates Reformer with either a Half Trapeze or Full Trapeze means you will be able to perform a few more exercises on it. However, the Pilates Reformer itself is a solid piece of equipment as well.

The Calves and the Abs

There are a lot of places on your body you may want to tone. To work your calves, using the Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze or Full Trapeze, we recommend you place your equipment in trapeze table mode, which isn’t that hard to do. Reach behind your head and grab the corners posts. Raise your legs straight up and put your feet into the straps. Straighten your legs, relax, and repeat. To work your abs, stand up. Grab the sides of the top frame, and put your legs back into those straps. Pull your body up, relax, and repeat. You will feel the tension in your abs because of the fact that your feet are in those straps.

The Hips and the Thighs

Other places on your body you may want to tone are your hips and thighs. One way to do that is through an exercise known as leg circles. To do this one, lie down and place your legs in the straps again. Point your toes on one of your legs toward the ceiling, and slowly circle that leg out and back. Repeat as often as desired, and switch to the other leg. In Reformer mode, you can try the lunge to accomplish the same goal. Lie down on the carriage, and push your body in and out with one of your legs against the foot bar. Again, repeat as many times as desired and then switch legs.

The Final Decision

The final decision about which piece of equipment to buy and when to begin your exercise routine is obviously up to you. Whether you decide to purchase a Pilates Reformer, or a Pilates Reformer with either Half or Full Trapeze, each of these pieces of equipment will help you to work towards your New Year's weight loss resolution.


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