So you’ve tried Pilates, you love it, and it’s making a great improvement in your life and physical body.  So now the question has become what should you do about advancing your Pilates experience. 

As you advance with Pilates you will likely want to begin using exercises that require some Pilates equipment, not just the simple floor mat.  Most of the time professional Pilates equipment can be found in a Pilates studio.  However, memberships to these studios can be expensive.  The commute may also be frustrating.  If you live in a more rural area, there may not even be a Pilates studio near you.

This is why many people have decided to set up their own in-home Pilates studios.  This process, while not especially difficult, does require a little foresight and planning.

First of all, before you begin building your home studio area and purchasing Pilates equipment for it, you need to clearly define your goals.  What are you intending to do on a daily basis with Pilates?  Are most of your exercises based on the floor or will you be doing more advances routines that require pieces of Pilates equipment such as the Trapeze Table / Cadillac table, or the Pilates reformer machine?

Make a careful, mental map of your present Pilates routines and what routines you are planning to master in the future.

Next you need to select a space.  Because part of the system of Pilates is having a relaxing ritual to go along with the strengthening of your body, your studio space should be in an area that is large enough to move well, isolated from other people accidentally intruding, and also somewhat quiet.  Once you have found your space, you can take stock of what Pilates machine pieces you need to invest in.

The basic studio only requires a mat, and perhaps some resistance bands or other small items.  However, if you are used to doing more strenuous routines, or if you are using Pilates specifically to improve your posture and spine, you may need to invest in larger equipment.

Almost all of the various Pilates equipment selections come in both professional and home versions.  You may not want to buy a separate Pilates Reformer and whole trapeze table, for example, instead you can purchase a Reformer with Full Trapeze or a Reformer with Half Trapeze and do much the same routine on it.  In fact, some of the best Pilates equipment are actually the simplified machines.  You should ask at a good Pilates store, armed with measurements of your available space, before choosing your personal equipment pieces.

Overall, setting up a home studio for Pilates is extremely easy.  You should plan to invest in quality Pilates equipment for your home studio.  There are several excellent ways to find great deals on these machines, but one of the companies that has proven to be both reputable and affordable is Pilates Health Equipment (  Check into the products they offer to get a good idea of what you need for your personal studio.


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