Signature Series MK II Pilates ReformerWHAT IS A PILATES REFORMER?

Pilates and fitness are certainly some of the top subjects on the mind of anyone who is serious about finding new ways to get into shape.   For years, Pilates has been helping everyone from the young to the old, the famous to the everyday Joe, get into great shape.  Pilates equipment is a subject of understandable curiosity.  There are after all, many interesting and sometimes strange looking pieces of equipment such as the Pilates Trapeze (otherwise known as the Pilates Cadillac), the Ladder Barrel, ARC barrel, Spine Correctors, and the Wunda Chair.  All these pieces of professional Pilates equipment can be used to greatly increase the strength, flexibility, and well-being of the body.

However, these are some of the more exotic devices used to get the Pilates benefit. One of the more common devices is called the Pilates Reformer.  The Pilates Reformer is specifically useful for those who want to build a lean, long, body look with minimum wear and tear on the joints.

So what exactly is a Pilates Reformer?  Simply put, it is a sliding bed that is suspended on a smooth gliding track.  The front has a foot bar and the back has holds for the wrist and hands.  The device also features spring loaded resistance that can be gradually increased. 

The main advantages that the Pilates Reformer has over other equipment like the Cadillac/Trapeze Table is that it is small and compact by comparison.  It also is the most popular Pilates machine used in group classes and studios.

What the Pilates Reformer does is simply allow the body to exercise a full range of motion for arms and legs, while stabilizing the torso to allow idealized muscle isolation.  Because this machine not only allows for the used to tense and tone muscles but also stretches them to their full natural extent afterwards.  This technique builds very toned but extremely lean body sculpting.  This makes for one of the best Pilates equipment selections. 

Also, there are many benefits to the Pilates Reformer in terms of the flexibility that it encourages.  Because the Pilates Reformer allows the joints to use their full range of motion without stressing them unnaturally, it increases the blood flood to the joint issues and also helps to increase the ability of the joint to flex over time.  Also, using the reformers Pilates movements helps to relieve stored tension in the back, shoulders, hips, and neck.

Most people will need to seek out a Pilates studio or class in order to use one of these machines, but for the more advanced student of Pilates, a high quality Pilates reformer machine can be purchased from Pilates Health Equipment ( 


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