Today everyone is talking about Pilates and what it can do to improve total body wellness.  There are so many Pilate’s classes, videos, and books available that it can be confusing to beginners about where to begin exploring the idea of Pilates. So what exactly are the benefits of using Pilates equipment?   What Pilates machine is best? What should you do if you are interested in using the best Pilates equipment?

To sum up the Pilates benefit overall, it can be said that Pilates is a system of controlled exercise movements that heighten the wellbeing of the whole body.  Pilates and fitness are commonly associated with one another; this system will help tone and strengthen the whole body.  But more than that, Pilates helps the whole body relax, release tensions, and become more flexible and healthy.

For beginners most Pilates moves can be easily performed on a mat.  However, as you move up the levels, professional Pilates equipment can be extremely helpful.

A Pilates reformer is one of the best pieces of equipment for building long, lean muscle.  The Pilates reformer has a sliding carriage with a footbar, and hand and wrist anchors.  It provides a stable base so that one can easily slide back and forth, using springs for increasing resistance to build slim muscle on arms, legs, and abdominals.

Another great piece of Pilates equipment is called the trapeze table or Cadillac table. Designed by the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, when he was a hospital orderly, this machine was intended to help rehabilitate patients who had been bedridden.  However, over the years it has evolved into a stunningly effective exercise tool.   The trapeze table is a raised bed surrounded by a four post apparatus from which is suspended various devices intended to help you work into complex positions.

The wall unit is another Pilates must have.  This is a stripped down version of the trapeze table.  It sits on the floor and has two posts that meet the wall.  It is used for similar exercises as the Cadillac table.

The Wunda chair is another great tool which can help you activate the buttocks, abs, shoulder, and pelvic muscle regions.  To spite its fun-house reminiscent design, it is a truly beneficial machine.

The same is true for the Ladder Barrel, ARC Barrel and Spine Correctors.  These machines stretch and arch the spine to help teach the back muscles to align the spine properly.  They also allow you to activate and tone muscles that are otherwise hard to isolate. 

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Overall, the benefits of Pilates equipment are numerous and offer nearly unlimited potential for improving your overall health, wellbeing, and mental clarity.


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