With obesity and general un-fitness being such a large scale cultural problem today, many people are investing their time, energy, and money into weight loss programs.  It is certainly true that loosing weight often improves health, energy, and quality of life.  However, spending money on pointless fad diets, dangerous, untested supplements, and exercises programs that produce only short-term results is not exactly a positive move for anyone.

Pilates, created by Joseph Pilates, has built a reputation for being focused on lifestyle and well-being, which is doubtlessly why many people are turning to it for help with weight loss.  But the question is, does Pilates actually cause weight loss?  If it does, can it help you personally loose weight and meet your fitness goals?

The answer is actually a bit complex.  First of all, when you are looking into investing in Pilates equipment or classes, you need to know that this system of exercise was never designed to help people shed kilograms.  In fact, it had something of the opposite idea in its conception.

Pilates was originally an out growth of a rehabilitation system that was designed to help patients build muscle and strength while improving their overall range of motion.  The motions of Pilates, such as seen with the Pilates Reformer and other Pilates Machines, are designed to first flex a muscle to its limit of strength, then stretch it back to its natural relaxed state.

This unique combination of movement builds lean, strong muscle that has little to no bulk and does not impede the body’s flexibility.  However, the exercises itself will not cause weight loss.

If you are looking to lose weight with Pilates equipment and classes, you should embrace the program whole heartedly.  In addition to espousing the virtues of range of motion movement, Pilates is also all about lifestyle and stress relief.  The ritual of using your Pilates machine, such as a Cadillac table, Wunda Chair or Pilates ARCs and Barrels, helps to relax the mind, which in turn relaxes the body and lowers stress.  All your Pilates equipment selections can per purchased for a great price from companies like Pilates Health Equipment ( This exercises system can also help you burn calories in such away that your body is not left depleted, dehydrated, and exhausted, which makes you less likely to run for high calorie, low nutrient foods after a work out.  Lastly, as your body’s overall condition improves, your new built muscle will help to burn calories all on its own.  You will likely notice a visible shrinking of your body before the scale numbers change at all.

The overall conclusion is that though Pilates itself is not a direct door to rapid weight loss, it will help you make the changes and build the physical and mental strength to change your eating habits and thus, drop those unwanted pounds.


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