Signature Series Classic Ladder Barrel with 2 Piece Foot PlatformWHAT IS A LADDER BARREL, SPINE CORRECTOR AND ARC BARREL?

The creator of the famous Pilates exercise program, Joseph Pilates, had a simple vision in mind: to build a system of movement that would allow people to build healthy body strength while relaxing unnecessary tension and improving overall health and well-being.  With this goal in mind, the system that we now call Pilates grew, creating exercises that are genuinely meant to help and heal the body, not just make it look great.

Though many celebrities, including Courtney Cox, Oprah Winfrey, and Julia Roberts have been known to swear by the aesthetic improvements caused by Pilates, it is important to remember that this system is not just to make the body look good.  It is also specifically designed to heal injuries, rehabilitate joints, and improve ranges of motion.  Madonna specifically is quoted crediting Pilates for helping her heal from a shoulder injury.

One of the specific pieces of Pilates equipment that can help improve the health of those with chronic pain or injuries is the ARC Barrel or Spine Corrector.  This device comes in three basic variations: the baby ARC, the ARC Barrel, and the Ladder Barrel.  All of these are meant to help the user build up muscular strength in the hardest to reach areas of the back and abdomen.  This strength, once built, has been credited with greatly improving back pain and posture.

The range of exercises that can be done with this basic piece of professional Pilates equipment is truly astonishing.  Everything from basic back stretches to intense abdominal workouts can be accomplished with the ARC Barrel.

For those who are wanting to start small, the baby ARC, which is a simple arch of padded material to be used on the floor in conjunction with a Pilates mat, is the best way to go.  These arches are usually fairly inexpensive, easy to store, and easy to use. 

The more complex structures of the ARC Barrel and Ladder Barrel are larger, and heavier.  They can usually be found in a Pilates Shop or studio, along with other equipment such as Pilates reformer machines, the trapeze table, and variations of the Pilates bench.  These pieces of equipment can be purchased for a very reasonable price at Pilates Health Equipment (

Anyone who is serious about improving the strength and tone of their core should certainly look into not only Pilates machine routines, but specifically seek out information about the ARC barrel range.  Asking a good instructor or long time Pilates user will help you know if this is the right piece of equipment to invest in for your personal health and well-being.


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