As a new season approaches, why not turn over a new leaf in your life and do something about your health? Whether you need to lose some weight or you’re just looking to improve your muscle tone, flexibility, and strength, Pilates is a great route. Furthermore, by purchasing a Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze, you’ll have all the equipment you’ll ever need to perform virtually any Pilates exercises you ever become interested in. No matter which particular muscles groups you need to focus on, you’ll be able to do so with a tremendous amount of ease by using this sophisticated piece of equipment.

A Typical Reformer Exercise

“The Lunge” is a typical Pilates Reformer exercise which focuses on your thighs and hips. To begin, you just place one leg on the foot bar. Then, bend your other leg up and place your foot against the carriage’s shoulder pad. Push against the toe bar allowing your thigh to straighten out, and then hold that position for about fifteen seconds. Gradually relax, switch legs, and repeat. This is just an example of one of the many exercises which can be performed on the Pilates Reformer.  Each of them has a very specific purpose and targets a very specific group of muscles.

A Typical Cadillac Exercise

In Pilates, the Trapeze Table is also known as the Cadillac. Since we gave you an example of a typical exercise that can be performed on the Pilates Reformer, we’ll give you an example of a typical exercise that can be performed on this machine as well. If you want to target your hamstrings, a great way to do so is to begin by lying flat on your back on the table. Reach behind your head and grab hold of the vertical posts. Next place your feet into the straps, and then pull them away from your body. Slowly relax the tension, the repeat this action over and over again.

Why Combine the Two?

There are lots of reasons to combine these two machines into one using a Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze. First of all, it’s less expensive than buying each one of them separately. Second, it won’t take up as much room when you set this up as it would if you were to set up two distinct pieces of equipment. Still, you’ll be able to advantage of all the capabilities of both machines, which is the most important reason of all to combine them.

Most people will need to seek out a Pilates store or class in order to use a Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze, but for the more advanced student of Pilates, this Pilates machine can be purchased from Pilates Health Equipment ( for a surprisingly low cost.


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