If you have been a long-time practitioner of Pilates you are certainly aware of the Pilates benefit to the body and overall well-being.  The basic principle of this system of exercise focuses on the quality of the motion, rather than the monotonous repetition of the same sequence of movements than most others.  Beginners can start out with mat routines and move on to using Pilates equipment such as the Pilates reformer, the trapeze table (also called the Cadillac table), and other tools that allow for more expanded motions of the body.


The trapeze table is one of the more advanced pieces of professional Pilates equipment.  It is a large apparatus consisting of a table, four-poster support structure, and various pieces of Pilates equipment that allow advanced exercises to be safely performed.

However, for the serious Pilates practitioner, the hassle of going to a studio where these devices are usually kept might lead them to think more about having a device at home.  Sadly, not all homes have space for a full sized Cadillac table

This is one, though not the only, reason that the wall unit for Pilates was developed.  It features a deep and supportive, padded mat that lies flat on the floor.  The back of the machine has a two pronged support device that lies flush with the wall.  This supports the needed equipment to perform some, though not all, of the same exercises that are available on the trapeze table.

The advantages to the wall unit are considerable.  First it is cheaper.  It is also more compact and thus easier to fit in a more limited space, such as a private home.  Also, it is somewhat safe for someone who will be practicing Pilates alone, as the danger of falling is less than with a Cadillac table.

Purchasing a Pilates machine is something that should be thought over with care.  But if you are serious about your health and enthusiastic about working with Pilates lifelong, then the wall unit might just be a perfect investment for you.  You can use it to perform a wide variety of range-of-motion improving exercises.  It also helps to build long, lean muscle and tone the body without building bulky muscle.  Lastly, the wall unit allows for a greater challenge than simply floor exercises.

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