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Performance Series MK III Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze Bundle INCLUDING Large Jump Board, Long Box and Mat Converter


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Incorporating years of accumulated product development, and feedback from leading Australian Pilates instructors, our Performance Series MK III Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze has excellent adjustability combined with a solid construction. Always keep your eye on the fine details! These units include PREMIUM QUALITY FIXTURES AND FITTINGS that have been sourced from respective global market leaders that ensure quick and easy adjustment, combined with excellent life expectancy.

These units have been designed and built for commercial purpose, but are equally perfect for those fastidious home users.

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Performance Series MK III Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze Bundle including Mat Converter, Large Jump Board and Long Box 

Our Performance Series MK III Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze is perfect for boutique Pilates studios, physiotherapy clinics, and home users seeking elegant and highly functional Pilates equipment.


- Heavy duty frame, combined with robust legs, providing a solid and stable base to keep you and your clients feeling safe whilst executing your routines.

- LARGE 119cm of carriage travel, making this unit suitable for short to tall individuals.

- The carriage has a strong underframe with alignment control, whilst the upper contact surfaces features comfortable foam padding for precise proprioceptive feedback, which in all equates to an extremely comfortable and stable surface.

- Precision carriage system rides within the heavy frame section that provides a smooth and quiet ride.

- Footbar positions provide a useful range from flat [flat behind the reformer, and clear out of the way] to a leaning forward position [leaning towards to pulley riser end, allowing very short persons, or children to be comfortably fitted]. This comfortable padded footbar can be angle adjusted by one hand (or two) with seven (7) available positions.

- Jumpboard with large padded section and handles for carrying. The laminated timber board, supported by the footbar, can be quickly slipped into position after setting the footbar to the correct support position.

- In regard to carriage movement, the carriage can closely approach the jumpboard, allowing highly flexible people to tightly compress their legs without concern of the carriage colliding far away from the jumpboard.

- Fixed spring gear offers two (2) tensioning positions, with an independent carriage stop having SEVEN (7) stop positions, and an eighth position when no carriage stop is inserted [this position places you to the closest possible position to the footbar end].

- FIVE (5) resistance springs – one (1) x light (yellow), two (2) x medium (green), two (2) x heavy (red).

- One pair of shoulder rests that are quick-release, having three shoulder width adjustable positions, and being fully removable that provide a clear mat surface in moments.

- Padded headrest provides three (3) height positions for cervical support - two (2) above the carriage and one (1) level with the carriage.

- High quality swivel pulleys designed for optimum performance and endurance.

- Adjustable, and detachable pulley risers, supplied with a standard pair for standard frame insertion [can be quick removed when not in use], and a height adjustable pair of pulley risers that are built into the tower section.

- Premium quality fixtures and fittings, ensuring easy adjustment and long life expectancy.

- Rope length adjustments can be made quickly and easily, with no forcing of the rope into the locking device. Just apply light pressure to the rope, and the rope will engage into the lock. Simply lift rope from the locking device to disengage, and then freely extend the rope length.

- Removable posts behind shoulder rests to provide a convenient securing point for your handles.

- Multiple handle options and footstrap included:
1. Beautifully padded and lined double looped hand/foot straps for comfort and control;
2. D-Shaped Handles (1 pair) for positive grip;
3. Beautifully padded and lined Single Looped Handles (1 pair); and
4. Length adjustable Footstrap (1 unit) with rubber covered section for comfortable contact.

- Quality woven sailing rope [non-elastic] with integrated snap clips for easy handle exchange.

- The foldable tower section is made of extruded aluminium framing with three (3) height positions for the push through bar, 16 heavy duty stainless eye bolt positions and 4 sliding eye bolt positions.

- Push through bar made of anodised aluminium, made in one piece to be torsionally stiff, having four (4) stainless steel eye bolt positions for connecting trapeze springs.

- A safety strap provides for multiple angle settings of the push through bar for lifting resistance exercises.

- Eight (8) Trapeze Springs (with Snap Connectors): two (2) SHORT light (yellow), two (2) SHORT medium (green), two (2) LONG light (yellow), two (2) LONG medium (green).

- Mat Converter - designed for simple installation and removal.

- Timber roll-down bar.




Product Dimensions:

Length: 2530mm [this includes all protruding fixtures and footbar lowered]

Length: 2390mm [footbar raised]

Width: 650mm [this includes all protruding fixtures]

Tower Height: 1975mm

Carriage Bed Height from floor: 420mm

Carriage Size: 1020mm x 580mm [including headrest]

Carriage Cushion Size: 730mm x 580mm

Carriage Travel: 1190mm [119cm]

Jumpboard Cushion Area: 650mm [High, and is positioned above the height of the solid end step] x 570mm [Wide]

Weight: 75kg [reformer only, excluding half trapeze and accessories]

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