Privacy Policy

The Internet is an astounding network of information.  It has completely revolutionized the way we buy, sell, study, market, and even think.  With just a click or two we can update ourselves on the latest news, communicate with people on the other side of the world, or select the perfect exercise equipment!  Pilates Health Equipment is dedicated to helping its customer enjoy our website and all that the internet has to offer without divulging their private information.

We believe that your purchasing habits, your financial information, your address, your email, and all other personal info are your business alone.  People on the other side of the world do not need to know anything about it unless you choose to tell them personally.  To make sure your information stays secure, Pilates Health Equipment follows rigorous principles of data protection.

We will never sell, trade, or give away your name, mailing address, telephone, email, or other personal information.  We will not identify your specific purchase to anyone.

We use stringent security measures to protect your data from any unauthorized users.

Please Note - We ask you only for information that we need to fulfill your order.  If we need personally identifying information or contact information, it is for this purpose.  This information is usually requested when you are ordering products or requesting our newsletter. 

Your personal information will be used for three main purposes:

a) To increase the usability of the site for you by saving your information, thus making it unnecessary for you to enter your information more than once.
b) To help us determine what content is more helpful to you and create more of it.
c) To provide you with special offers and information about new services and products from Pilates Health Equipment.


Pilates Health Equipment takes strong steps to protect the security of all your personal information and make certain it is used only in ways which you have personally authorized.  Our precautions to keep your data from being lost, stolen, misused, and accessed by unauthorized persons, unauthorized changes, or destruction are truly stringent. 

Pilates Health Equipment strives to protect the security of all personal data and will honour your decisions with how that your personal data may be used. Your private information is guarded from being exposed to unauthorized users, and it will never be sold, given away, or otherwise deliberately disclosed by us.

Part of the safety of your information is up to you however.  No one can see or edit your personal information, but please make sure you do not give your username or password to anyone who you do not know personally and well.  Our associates will never ask you for your password.


If you have reason to believe that Pilates Health Equipments has failed to adhere to these rule and principles, please let us know right way via email at  We will do our utmost to determine the problem and implement a solution right away. When you email us, please include the words “Privacy Policy” in the subject line.


When you join us and give your contact information, including but not limited to your name, email, and phone number, we use this information to direct information, updates, and announcements to you.  Anytime you place an order with us, we will ask for your billing address.  This information is used only to bill you for your purchase and to ensure it arrives to the correct person and place.  We will save your personal contact details in case you wish to purchase from us again, to save you the trouble of entering this data again.  However we will not use this data again without your specific permission.

Pilates Health Equipment will give out your personal data without notice only if legally required to do so or in good faith believing such an action is necessary to a) conform to the laws of the land or comply with due process of law or b) protect, defend, or safeguard the rights or property of Pilates Health Equipment or c) take urgent action to protect the personal safety of customers of Pilates Health Equipment or the general public.