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Fluffies (RRP $75.00 a pair)

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Fluffies are another connection for your Cadillac / Full Trapeze, Half Trapeze, and for your Reformer. They provide a large soft and gentle working surface, with a discretely integrated strap to provide strength throughout. Traditionally, these are looped onto your horizontal bar of the Cadillac / Full Trapeze, whilst these can also be connected to the end of springs or to the end of your reformer rope, for various hanging, stretching, and strengthening routines. The fluffies are also used for restoration classes, where people need recovery, either for physical or emotional reasons, just to take an hour for themselves to relax and recuperate with a gentle connection to the equipment.

These are machine washable, but requires a gentle wash and extended time to dry. The colour is an off white.

Fluffies - 1 Pair

Specific sizes of the fluffies have been indicated in the second image attached. Fluffies section is overall 650mm long, and approximately 300mm in length as looped. The width of the fluffy is 140mm, with an inner opening of approximately 210mm. The looped strap is approximately 400mm in length.



650mm long x approx. 300mm in length as looped.

Width 140mm, with an inner opening of approximately 210mm.

Loop strap approx. 400mm long.

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