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Pilates Reformer | Timber Series

Pilates Exercises on our Standard Height Pilates Reformer Model (Duration: 20 minutes)

 Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze

Pilates Exercises | Push Down Bar | Pilates Health Equipment

 Pilates Exercises | Fluffies | Hanging Trapeze | Pilates Health Equipment

Accessories Included with our Pilates Reformers | Timber Series

Pilates Exercises | Solid Jump Board (Duration: 4 minutes)

We recommend the use of a maximum of only ONE [1] RED [Heavy] spring for this accessory.  This is not a CrossFit device or for power workouts.
In this case, the trainer has moved the footbar out of the way, so she can insert the jump board.  As she is using one Green (medium) spring for gentle plyometric work, the footbar is not required to support the jump board.  If however more springs are added, then position the footbar directly behind the jump board to provide it with additional support.  

Optional Accessories for our Pilates Reformers | Timber Series

Pilates Exercises | Standing Platform (Duration: 6 minutes)

Pilates Chair | Wunda Chair Videos

Pilates Exercises | Combo Chair with Steel Frame (Duration:  11 minutes)


Ladder Barrel Videos

Pilates Exercises | Classic Wood Ladder Barrel (Duration: 3 minutes)

Pilates Exercises | Steel Ladder Barrel with Two Piece Foot Platform