Freight Options


In the case of freight pricing quoted, pricing is for the cost of freight only.  Freight pricing is NOT inclusive of freight insurance coverage.
Once Pilates Health Equipment dispatches a consignment to its Customer, ownership of the consignment transfers from Pilates
Health Equipment to the Customer.


Pilates Health Equipment appoints reliable third party freight forwarders who have a proven record of treating our customers and their equipment with care and respect.  Managing the movement of equipment around Australia is a complex task and our freight forwarders are specialists at it.


Our equipment does not come flat-packed!  The majority of our equipment comes almost fully assembled,
with only a small amount of sub-assembly required.  The frames of our larger equipment pieces, like that of our Pilates Reformers and Trapeze Tables / Cadillacs, are fully asssembled to achieve the highest level of stability.  The units requiring the most assembly is that of our Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze, Trapeze Table and Ladder Barrel series. 


Our larger Pilates equipment (for example, our Pilates Reformers, Trapeze Tables etc) are dispatched and delivered to you in large, solid plywood crates - crates which protect your investment from damage during transport.   
Freight is charged on the equipments crated length, width and height, calculated actual weight of the unit(s) being dispatched, and the destination for where the equipment is being sent.  Larger items also require delivery via either a Tailgate Truck or Crane Truck (see below*).  Therefore, freight pricing varies from one customer to another. 


For those customers purchasing our larger pieces of Pilates equipment (such as, our Pilates Reformers, Trapeze Tables / Cadillacs etc),
our freight forwarder will contact you prior to schedule in your delivery!
- so there will be no surprises and you will be able to plan for the delivery.  Deliveries take place Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.


*Our freight forwarder will deliver the larger pilates equipment, for example, that of our Pilates Reformers, to businesses and private residences using either a TAILGATE TRUCK or CRANE TRUCK so unloading is possible!  Without a Tailgate Truck or Crane Truck, the goods cannot be unloaded from the truck as their individual weights are significant [individual units can weigh up to 230kg crated]!

Our freight forwarders are experienced, and know how to deal with our equipment - this is why they are the best for the purpose!



Insurance for your goods in transit...


For peace of mind, please consider arranging your own freight insurance, or take out insurance for your goods in transit directly through Pilates Health Equipment.  Once you have added the items to the cart that you wish to purchase, from within the Shopping Cart, under "Shipping Option", simply enter your State and Postal Code and click on the "Get a Quote" button to calculate the freight.  At this point, you can then select the FREIGHT WITH INSURANCE option before updating the total and proceeding through to the Secure Checkout. 

Otherwise, for those NOT wishing to take out insurance for their goods in transit, simply select the FREIGHT WITHOUT INSURANCE option.  Please understand that under this condition, once goods have left our warehouse, they become your (the customer's) responsibility.

The choice is yours.



Other freight options available to you...



If you would like to collect your goods from our warehouse located in Keysborough, Victoria, you are welcome to do so.  Simply add the items to the cart that you wish to purchase, proceed through to Checkout, enter in your details and requested information and select "Customer Collection from Warehouse [Keysborough - Victoria]" under Shipping Method.  It's that simple!  Once your equipment is ready for collection, we will contact you to schedule in your collection time.  Be sure to provide us with your contact phone number at Checkout!



If purchasing the larger of our Pilates equipment, which would otherwise require delivery to your business / residential address using a Tailgate Truck / Crane Truck, to save some money, why not collect your goods from the freight forwarder's depot closest to you. 
Note - you will be responsible to safely transport the equipment to your business / private residence, so it is important you use an appropriate mode of transport and tie-down equipment.  We will provide you with all the dimensions of the equipment so you are prepared.  Depot collection will be cheaper than delivery to your business / private residence (where a Tailgate Truck / Crane Truck would otherwise have been required)!  Please email us detailing the equipment you require, together with your full details [that is, name, company, address, suburb, and postal code] and we will be able to provide you with pricing for depot collection. 



In some instances, our customers are not able to physically unpack our transportation crates, or have no assistance for carrying their equipment into position.  In some instances, we may be able to arrange specialized removalists who will transport your equipment right into the room you want the equipment.*  Have your reformer placed into position, and its small parts placed at the unit for you to put together.  In the case of our Pilates Reformer with Half Trapeze, Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze and our Trapeze Table / Cadillac for example, you will still need to assemble the equipment, but we have a detailed manual with lots of photos to help you through.  Plus, our Service Manager will talk you through any questions that you may have. 

For Melbourne customers, we can arrange delivery and installation using our own services.  Using our large Mercedes Sprinter, which is fully carpeted for safe equipment delivery, our staff will fully assemble all equipment pieces to your business / private residence for immediate use.  They will also provide at the end of the installation, a demonstration of how to operate each unit. 



If you have your own freight forwarder and would like them to handle your delivery, we are happy to assist
In this case, and upon request, we will provide you with the measurements and gross weight of each piece of equipment you are seeking and you will provide these details to your chosen freight forwarder to ensure they can handle the goods.  Then, you will need to supply us with the Consignment Notes from your chosen freight forwarder which will be placed on the goods prior to dispatch. 



Please email us if you require any assistance.  We will be only too pleased to help you!


Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information about Delivery, Freight Charges and Service, and Leadtime for Deliveries.


* Please note, that these services are limited to national metropolitian areas including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. However, all addresses need to be reviewed by our carriers before we can accept your order, as some delivery addresses or property confirgurations, will not allow for the delivery of certain pieces of our equipment.