Benefits of Pilates

A rejuvinating WORKOUT for mind, body, and soul

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Pilates helps us tune into our bodies, by drawing our focus to breathing, spine and pelvic alignment, and concentration on a smooth, flowing motion for each exercise.   You will develop a keen sense of your body’s position, its existence in your space, and the range of its natural motion. Controlled, deep breathing is vital, and assists you as you perform the motions with power and grace.  In Pilates, quality of movement is far more important than quantity of movement.

Strengthen your core, flatten your abdominals, and build a firm core

Joseph Pilates designed his exercise system to build up the core of the body; specifically the muscles of the back and abdomen. The muscle layers deep inside the abdomen as well as the muscles that support the spine are part of the core. Once you have integrated your pelvic, shoulder, and core muscles, you can control your core easily.

Be strong, toned, and flexible

Because Pilates elongates the muscles as it strengthens them, it helps to improve both muscle tone and also joint flexibility.  A well-balanced body with well supported joints and flexible tissues is less likely to be injured and faster to heal.

Build a symetrically toned body and avoid sports injuries

With Pilates, you are conditioning the whole muscle system.  You will not develop insane strength in just one area and leave another area weakened.  This comprehensive strengthening helps to prevent sports related injuries in athletes.

Build confidence through safety and practice

Though Pilates is challenging, it is also a gentle form of exercise.  Many of the positions are performed seated or lying down.  Almost all are low impact and only partially weight bearing.  This system is also used by rehabilitation facilities to help patients recover from injuries that have left their body weakened. 

Although Pilates is a safe, gentle, and usually comfortable form of exercise for any level of fitness and any age range, Pilates Health Equipment nevertheless recommends that you consult a qualified medical physician prior to beginning any fitness routine.