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Signature Series MK II Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze Bundle INCLUDING Twin Mats, Jump Board, Long Box, Non-Slip Platform, Upholstered Platform and More


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Our Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze is the flagship model of our Signature Series Commercial Range.

Our Signature Series range was first introduced in 2017 featuring a plush and comfortable laying platform/carriage, six reformer springs [instead of the standard five reformer springs; as seen traditionally on a Pilates Reformer], a premium engineered footbar having seven different angle adjustments, insertable non-slip and upholstered platforms both of which provide for perfect hip alignment for your standing exercises, quick adjustable shoulder rests to suit varying shoulder widths, a second footstrap allowing for lateral flexion and rotation exercises, a long carriage travel equating to an unrestricted and uninterrupted carriage run, whilst offering the smoothest and quietest of carriage rides. These, among other features, have all been firsts for a Pilates Reformer.

Our Signature Series range today is the beneficiary of over a decade of refinements; representing an evolution in design.

Crafted from Canadian Maple, the finish is smooth with a lustrous satin finish. Main frame sections are built with lapped and fitted joints that provide strength, durability and stability.

In Reformer Mode:

Having an extra-long carriage travel of 1120mm, combined with a short frame length, makes our Signature Series MK II Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze ideal for users of different heights.

Padded surfaces are comfortable and supportive, cervical support is provided with three generous headrest positions. Shoulder rests are quick removable [double faced], and have four shoulder width settings that are excellent for adapting between small to wide shouldered individuals. Six spring connectivity [including two heavy springs, two medium springs, and two light springs] combined with a three position spring gear allows you to set your resistance of choice.

The padded footbar has seven positions, from flat to leaning forward, being adjustable by one hand, is highly adaptable to people of varying heights and levels of flexibility. Always keep your eye on the fine details! These units include premium quality fixtures and fittings that have been sourced from respective global market leaders that ensure quick and easy adjustment, combined with excellent life expectancy.

Pulley risers are quick removable, with pulley height settings easily adjustable by button to index the pulley to your desired position. From a high to low position, the adjustment can be made with little effort. Pulleys are highly articulate and follow your motion.

Trapeze Mode:

To make the conversion from reformer mode to trapeze table, just remove the shoulder rests and the hand loop posts, place the mat convertors on top, and the system then becomes a trapeze table! If you like you can also remove the pulley risers which are also quick removable.  The carriage remains in the frame, and is not removed.

The NEW trapeze frame design, including its significant connection points to the base frame, is extra-heavy duty. The hanging trapeze bar can be placed in one of eight positions along the full length of the top horizontal bar. No difficult to reach hand knobs to undo, or tighten. Unlocking and locking of this bar’s position is made easy with spring hand locks. Just unlock the indexing hand knobs, slide the hanging trapeze section to the approximate position you want, then release the indexing knobs lock and push the bar until these indexing knobs click lock into position.

The vertical sliding bar at the end of the unit works the same. Just release the indexing knobs, slide to the desired position, release the indexing knob, and slide the bar until it click locks into position. From this bar you can connect the roll down bar, or simply connect the trapeze spring pair of your choice for routines either off the trapeze mat, or from outside the frame.

At the other end of the trapeze is the Push Through Bar. The Push Through Bar has four user selectable heights. Tee pins secure the Push Through Bar into position. These provide a convenient way to make the height adjustment. The Push Through Bar has an accompanying Safety Strap that allows you to execute lifting exercises from outside the unit, or from off the trapeze mat. One to two springs can be attached at any one time, from various eye bolt positions available.

At the Push Through Bar end is our NEW Push Down Bar. Here we integrate the concept of a Wunda Chair [single pedal] into the unit. In today’s clinic environments, there are often space limitations that prevent us from having a full Wunda Chair located at the end of our Trapeze Table. Here we allow all owners this luxury, and all in a very compact solution. Two heavy RED springs are supplied as standard. The Push Down Bar can be connected with either one or two springs at a time, and if needed, optionally available are an additional pair of GREEN medium springs to greatly vary your available levels of resistance.

This unit has been designed and built for commercial purpose, but is equally perfect for those fastidious home users wanting the highest grade solution.

Our Signature Series MK II Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze is perfect for boutique Pilates studios, physiotherapy clinics, and home users seeking elegance and highly functional Pilates equipment.

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Signature Series MK II Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze Bundle with Twin Mats, Jump Board, Long Box, Non-Slip Platform, Upholstered Platform and More [Cream]


Reformer Features:

- Extra-long carriage travel of 1120mm, combined with a short frame length, makes our Pilates reformer ideal for users of different heights.

- Made of stainless steel, anodised aluminium extrusion and Canadian Maple timber, making our SIGNATURE SERIES MK II PILATES REFORMER with FULL TRAPEZE a beautiful, solid and stable platform. The maple timber is completed for you in a satin finish which is smooth and lustrous.

- Aluminium parts are anodized for strength and durability. Anodising helps reduce friction whilst importantly, preventing oxidation and eliminating the typical "black dust" found on non-anodised alternatives.

- Generously sized, removable standing platform with rubberised non-slip surface. Height set for level pelvic positioning when executing abduction exercises to the carriage.

- The carriage has a strong under frame with adjustable alignment control, whilst on the upper surface features comfortable foam padding for precise proprioceptive feedback, which in all, equates to an extremely responsive and stable surface.

- Precision carriage system rides on a two-piece rail system that provides a stable, smooth and quiet ride. Carriage uses an eight (8) wheel system: featuring four (4) vertical wheels to support the carriage, and four (4) adjustable side-wheels to align the carriage smoothly between the frames.

- One pair of quick-release/ removable shoulder rests that are width adjustable to suit varying shoulder widths [four width positions].

- Posts behind shoulder rests to secure handles when not in use.

- Padded headrest provides three (3) generous height positions for cervical support - two (2) above the carriage and one (1) level with the carriage.

-Upholstered padded jump board, generously sized and supported by the footbar.

- High quality swivel pulleys designed for optimum performance, endurance and excellent articulation.

- Adjustable, and detachable pulley risers (1 pair), with snap lock height positioning pullies.

- Premium quality fixtures and fittings, ensuring easy adjustment and long life expectancy.

- Rope length adjustments can be made quickly and easily.

- Beautifully padded and lined double looped hand/foot straps for comfort and control. Including additionally a pair of D-Handles, and a Footstrap.

- Quality woven ropes [non-elastic] with snap clips for easy handle exchange.

- The comfortable padded footbar can be adjusted by one hand with seven (7) available positions.

- Fixed spring gear offers three (3) pre-tensioning positions, with an independent carriage stop having four (4) broad positions.

- The carriage has SIX (6) resistance springs – 2x light (yellow), 2x medium (green) and 2x heavy (red).

- Universal equipment slot, for adaption between the standing platform options and insertion of the solid, padded jump board.

Trapeze Features

- New on this edition is an extra heavy duty trapeze section, providing a robust and stable area.

- Trapeze structure made from stainless steel; engineered and built for stability. All moving sections are locked into place using indexing hand knobs – just pull to unlock the position, slide to the new position, and release hand knob to lock position.

- Eight heavy duty connection points secure the trapeze section to the maple base frame, providing maximum stability that also disperses the stress of trapeze associated activities evenly throughout the frame.

- Bed height is ideal for exercises in sitting, standing or lying positions (see below measurements). For client assisted work, the table height allows the physician to comfortably attend to their client's treatment.

- A Padded Hanging Trapeze Bar comes complete with two (2) short heavy (red) springs with protective covers to avoid pinching.

- Equipped with Push Through Bar and Solid Roll-Down Bar.

- The Push Through Bar is made from anodized aluminium and is adjustable to four (4) heights (action is CE pinch point tested).  Comes inclusive of a Push Through Bar Safety Strap facilitating upward resistance exercises.

- Upon the top horizontal bars is the horizontal sliding bar. Here hangs the removable padded hanging trapeze. This sliding bar is secured by index hand knobs. To move, lightly pull down on the handles to release the sliding bar and turn these to secure their retaining pins. This allows the user to then slide the bar to the desired position. The released the index hand knobs then click into position where wanted.

- A vertically adjustable horizontal bar located at one end of the trapeze frame and above the reformer foot bar, allows the user to define the height of their spring connection point for exercises from either upon the mat or outside the frame.

- Various spring attachment sites offer good functionality.

- Trapeze short springs with snap clips: two (2) light (yellow) and two (2) medium (green).

- Trapeze long springs with snap clips: two (2) light (yellow) and two (2) medium (green).

- Single Looped Handles (1 pair), are comfortable and well padded.

- Fluffies (1 pair).  Our fluffies can be looped directly on the trapeze horizontal bar, or via two included carabineer clips for connecting these to springs, the hanging trapeze, or the various bolt eye positions found on the trapeze frame or sliding sections.

- Padded foot plate that locks between the vertical trapeze posts at the footbar end. This allows the user to brace themselves against this plate with legs together, rather than against the outer vertical trapeze posts.

Single Pedal Wunda Chair Alternative

- NEW FEATURE: Push Down Bar, located at the pulley riser end of the bed, allows for arm and leg exercises from either the seated or laying down position [for example, face down, lying on chest]. Having its own spring bar located beneath the table, with four spring bar positions, you can vary the resistance of an exercise. Also, one or two springs can be connected at any one time, so resistance can be further varied. Lighter and heavier springs are available to vary the resistance range even further. This Push Down Bar is torsionally stiff, so either having one spring, or pushing down on the bar upon one side sees this bar remaining nice and square to the user.

Comes complete with:

- Twin Mats for the conversion to a Trapeze Table.

- Padded Jump Board with carry handles.

- Pilates Long Box (with handles x 3 to assist with moving).

- Non-Slip Standing Platform.

- Upholstered Platform.

The Trapeze Table/Cadillac should be used by only one person at a time and not weighing over 150kgs. Maximum weight limit for performing exercises while hanging from the horizontals, or fully suspended type exercises, is 90kgs.


Product Dimensions:

Overall Length [including protrusions]: Length: 2620mm | Width: 860mm

Overall Height: 2180mm | Height from Mat Surface to top of Trapeze: 1560mm

Trapeze Mat Size: Length: 2285mm | Width: 690mm

Trapeze Mat Height From Ground: 620mm | Carriage Height From Ground: 570mm

Carriage Size: 1010mm x 610mm

Carriage Cushion Size: 750mm x 610mm

Max Carriage Travel: 1100mm / 110cm

Weight: 190kg

Gross Weight: 257kg - including accessories/crated for transport

The Trapeze Table/Cadillac should be used by only one person at a time and not weighing over 150kgs. Maximum weight limit for performing exercises while hanging from the horizontals, or fully suspended type exercises, is 90kgs.

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Warranty Specific Periods for Signature Series:

Signature Series Warranty [See "Conditions of Warranty (Signature Series)" Below]:

  • 4 Years Warranty: Timber frame sections and gearbar;
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: Springs, pullies, ropes and handles;
  • 4 Months Limited Warranty: Upholstery [See below for Conditions of Warranty (Signature Series)];
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: All other reformer and trapeze components and accessories.


Conditions of Warranty (Signature Series):

Warranty will be provided for equipment:

1. Where proof of purchase can be demonstrated by the original purchaser;
2. Where a claim is made within the warranty period for the specific component of the equipment (Warranty period begins from date of invoice);
3. For the remainder term of the original warranty period after being repaired or replaced under the terms of this agreement.

Warranty coverage does not include:

1. Costs for freight/shipping, or any associated cost of freight/shipping;
2. Costs for installing warranty supplied parts;
3. Damage to the appearance of any equipment.
4. The Limited Warranties above do not cover mechanical wear on parts;
5. Normal wear and tear;
6. Damage caused by failure to follow instructions;
7. Misuse, abuse, modification, unauthorized repair;
8. Scratches to the finish, tears or indentations in the upholstery or foam.

The warranty shall be null and void if:

1. Equipment is used for any other purpose other than that it was intended;
2. Springs on spring-loaded equipment including Reformers, Trapeze Towers, Trapeze Tables / Cadillacs, are not changed every two (2) years;
3. Guidelines for assembly and appropriate use as specified in equipment manual are not followed;
4. Is stored or used outdoors, or in environments without adequate climate/humidity controls;
5. Where the equipment was subjected to any one of the below conditions:
   a. Involved in an accident;
   b. Where misuse of the equipment occurred;
   c. Where the equipment suffered abuse of any kind;
   d. Where the equipment was serviced by an unauthorised service provider; or
   e. Where a modification/alteration was carried out upon the equipment which was not authorised by Pilates Health Equipment and/or differs from the equipment's original specifications supplied by Pilates Health Equipment.

NOTE: Pilates Health Equipment will, at its option, repair or replace warranted parts, provided that these part(s) fail due to a defect in workmanship or materials and provided such failure is reported to the Pilates Health Equipment within the part-specific warranty periods mentioned above.


The upholstery will be replaced if it fails to give normal wear for 4 months from date of original invoice. Proof of damage will be required. This warranty does not cover burns, cuts, soiling, stains, pet damage, damage to upholstery caused by corrosive, abrasive or chemical cleansers, or damage caused by other unreasonable use. If the identical upholstery is not available, an equivalent upholstery will be provided.


Non-returnable Items: All Pilates Health Equipment Springs, Loops, Handles, Footstraps, Fluffies are non-returnable.