Performance Series MK III Pilates Reformer INCLUDING Jump Board, Non-Slip End Step + Slim Lined Upholstered Platform (Carriage Height 24cm)


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Our Performance Series Commercial Series range was first introduced in 2017 featuring a plush and comfortable laying platform/carriage, a premium engineered footbar having seven different angle adjustments, quick adjustable shoulder rests to suit varying shoulder widths, a long carriage travel of 1190mm which equates to an unrestricted and uninterrupted carriage run [whilst offering a smooth and quiet carriage ride].

Our Performance Series range today is also the beneficiary of over a decade of refinements. 

With a carriage height of 24cm, our Performance Series MK III Reformer is an ideal reformer for fitness reformer sessions/classes or for those seeking a reformer which can be moved around more easily and even stored upright. 

With a premium engineered padded footbar which has seven (7) angled positions, giving the ability to lay the footbar flat to having the footbar lean forward, and being adjustable by one hand, makes our reformer highly adaptable to users of varying heights. 

Always keep your eye on the fine details! Our Performance Series range include PREMIUM QUALITY FIXTURES AND FITTINGS that have been sourced from respective global market leaders that ensure quick and easy adjustment, combined with excellent life expectancy.

These units have been designed and built for commercial purpose, but are equally perfect for those fastidious home users. This model is easy to move about your studio or home gym, and can be stacked.

Please note, our Performance Series MK III Reformer (Carriage Height 24cm) model comes with our company decal as shown on our Performance Series MK III Reformer Bundle (Carriage Height 40cm).

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Performance Series MK III Pilates Reformer WITH Jump Board, Non-Slip End Step + Slim Lined Upholstered Platform (Carriage Height 24cm)


- Extra-long carriage travel (1190mm).
- Premium quality fixtures and fittings, ensuring easy adjustment and long life expectancy.
- Carriage and head rest cushioning is plush and comfortable.
- Quick removal and adjustable shoulder rests, with 2 available positions to adjust the spacing between the shoulder rests. Excellent for adapting between small to wide shouldered individuals.
- Beautifully padded and lined double looped hand/foot straps for comfort and control.
- Quality woven ropes [non-elastic] with snap clips for easy handle exchange.
- 1 pair of Double Looped Handles.
- 5 springs, including 2x heavy [red], 2x medium [green], and 1x light [yellow] resistance spring.
- 2 spring gear positions.
- 8 wheel carriage system, providing a tight parallel movement, combined with a smooth and quiet ride.
- SEVEN (7) position footbar, providing foot bar position solutions for varying body sizes and heights, from laying flat to the rear of the reformer to a swept forward angle.
- Premium engineered and padded footbar for comfort on contact.
- Three (3) head cushion height positions that provide excellent range and appropriate cervical curvature.
- Integrated timber standing platform with non-slip pad.
- Footstrap.
- Removable pulley risers can be stowed away when units are stacked.
- Comes with Large Jump Board and Slim Lined Upholstered Platform.


Product Dimensions:

Length: 2530mm [this includes all protruding fixtures and footbar lowered]

Length: 2390mm [footbar raised]

Width: 650mm [this includes all protruding fixtures]

Carriage Bed Height from floor: 240mm

Carriage Size: 1020mm x 580mm [including headrest]

Carriage Cushion Size: 730mm x 580mm

Carriage Travel: 1190mm [119cm]

Weight: 63.5kg [reformer only]

Warranty Specific Periods for Performance Series:

Performance Series Warranty [See "Conditions of Warranty (Performance Series)" Below]:

  • 4 Years Warranty: Aluminium carriage rails, components of the aluminium frame, related welding and gearbar;
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: Springs, pullies, ropes and handles;
  • 4 Months Limited Warranty: Upholstery [See below for Conditions of Warranty (Performance Series)];
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: All other reformer components and accessories.


Conditions of Warranty (Performance Series):

Warranty will be provided for equipment:

1. Where proof of purchase can be demonstrated by the original purchaser;
2. Where a claim is made within the warranty period for the specific component of the equipment (Warranty period begins from date of invoice);
3. For the remainder term of the original warranty period after being repaired or replaced under the terms of this agreement.

Warranty coverage does not include:

1. Costs for freight/shipping, or any associated cost of freight/shipping;
2. Costs for installing warranty supplied parts;
3. Damage to the appearance of any equipment.
4. The Limited Warranties above do not cover mechanical wear on parts;
5. Normal wear and tear;
6. Damage caused by failure to follow instructions;
7. Misuse, abuse, modification, unauthorized repair;
8. Scratches to the finish, tears or indentations in the upholstery or foam.

The warranty shall be null and void if:

1. Equipment is used for any other purpose other than that it was intended;
2. Springs on spring-loaded equipment including Reformers are not changed every two (2) years;
3. Guidelines for assembly and appropriate use as specified in equipment manual are not followed;
4. Is stored or used outdoors, or in environments without adequate climate/humidity controls;
5. Where the equipment was subjected to any one of the below conditions:
   a. Involved in an accident;
   b. Where misuse of the equipment occurred;
   c. Where the equipment suffered abuse of any kind;
   d. Where the equipment was serviced by an unauthorised service provider; or
   e. Where a modification/alteration was carried out upon the equipment which was not authorised by Pilates Health Equipment and/or differs from the equipment's original specifications supplied by Pilates Health Equipment.

NOTE: Pilates Health Equipment will, at its option, repair or replace warranted parts, provided that these part(s) fail due to a defect in workmanship or materials and provided such failure is reported to the Pilates Health Equipment within the part-specific warranty periods mentioned above.


The upholstery will be replaced if it fails to give normal wear for 4 months from date of original invoice. Proof of damage will be required. This warranty does not cover burns, cuts, soiling, stains, pet damage, damage to upholstery caused by corrosive, abrasive or chemical cleansers, or damage caused by other unreasonable use. If the identical upholstery is not available, an equivalent upholstery will be provided.


Non-returnable Items: All Pilates Health Equipment Springs, Loops, Handles, Footstraps, Fluffies are non-returnable.