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Pilates Reformer | Pilates Cadillac | Trapeze Table | Wunda Chair | Pilates Arc | Pilates Barrel | Pilates Equipment & Pilates Accessories For Sale

Pilates Health Equipment offers an extensive range of Pilates Reformers and Pilates Equipment including, but not limited to our Pilates Reformers, Pilates Reformers with Trapeze, Pilates Cadillac | Pilates Trapeze Tables, Pilates Wunda Chairs, Ladder Barrels, Pilates Springboard / Pilates Wall Board with Push Bar, Spine Correctors, Pilates ARC Barrels, Wall Units, Wall Bars etc. 

Pilates Health Equipment also supply the highest quality Pilates accessories, including, but not limited to, our ever popular Pilates Rings, Latex Bands/Resistance Bands, Pilates Boxes, Bosu Style Balance Ball, Rotator Discs and Pilates Bag / Yoga Bag. 

All our Pilates equipment is of commercial grade and is suitable for Clinical Pilates, Physiotherapy Pilates, Fitness Centres, Pilates Studios including Home-Based Pilates studios and home users seeking premium quality and performance.

Shop online and instore at Pilates Health Equipment for delivery Australia-wide.