Signature Series MK II Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze Bundle INCLUDING Twin Mats, Long Box and Jump Board [Black]

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Our Reformer with Full Trapeze is the flagship model of our Signature Series. This model represents the accumulation of our design evolution stemming from professional contributions and new design developments.  Crafted from Canadian Maple, the finish is smooth with a lustrous satin finish. Main frame sections are built with lapped and fitted joints that provide strength, durability and stability.

In Reformer Mode:

Padded surfaces are comfortable and supportive, cervical support is provided with three generous headrest positions. Shoulder rests are quick removable [double faced], and have four shoulder width settings that are excellent for adapting between small to wide shouldered individuals. Six spring connectivity [including two heavy springs, two medium springs, and two light springs] combined with a three position spring gear allows you to set your resistance of choice.

The padded footbar has seven positions, from flat to leaning forward, being adjustable by one hand, is highly adaptable to people of varying heights and levels of flexibility. Always keep your eye on the fine details! These units include premium quality fixtures and fittings that have been sourced from respective global market leaders that ensure quick and easy adjustment, combined with excellent life expectancy.

Pulley risers are quick removable, with pulley height settings easily adjustable by button to index the pulley to your desired position. From a high to low position, the adjustment can be made with little effort. Pulleys are highly articulate and follow your motion.

Trapeze Mode:

To make the conversion from reformer mode to trapeze table, just remove the shoulder rests and the hand loop posts, place the mat convertors on top, and the system then becomes a trapeze table! If you like you can also remove the pulley risers which are also quick removable.  The carriage remains in the frame, and is not removed.

The NEW trapeze frame design, including its significant connection points to the base frame, is extra-heavy duty. The hanging trapeze bar can be placed in one of eight positions along the full length of the top horizontal bar. No difficult to reach hand knobs to undo, or tighten. Unlocking and locking of this bar’s position is made easy with spring hand locks. Just unlock the indexing hand knobs, slide the hanging trapeze section to the approximate position you want, then release the indexing knobs lock and push the bar until these indexing knobs click lock into position.

The vertical sliding bar at the end of the unit works the same. Just release the indexing knobs, slide to the desired position, release the indexing knob, and slide the bar until it click locks into position. From this bar you can connect the roll down bar, or simply connect the trapeze spring pair of your choice for routines either off the trapeze mat, or from outside the frame.

At the other end of the trapeze is the Push Through Bar. The Push Through Bar has four user selectable heights. Tee pins secure the Push Through Bar into position. These provide a convenient way to make the height adjustment. The Push Through Bar has an accompanying Safety Strap that allows you to execute lifting exercises from outside the unit, or from off the trapeze mat. One to two springs can be attached at any one time, from various eye bolt positions available.

At the Push Through Bar end is our NEW Push Down Bar. Here we integrate the concept of a Wunda Chair [single pedal] into the unit. In today’s clinic environments, there are often space limitations that prevent us from having a full Wunda Chair located at the end of our Trapeze Table. Here we allow all owners this luxury, and all in a very compact solution. Two heavy RED springs are supplied as standard. The Push Down Bar can be connected with either one or two springs at a time, and if needed, optionally available are an additional pair of GREEN medium springs to greatly vary your available levels of resistance.

This unit has been designed and built for commercial purpose, but is equally perfect for those fastidious home users wanting the highest grade solution.

Our Signature Series MK II Pilates Reformer with Full Trapeze is perfect for boutique Pilates studios, physiotherapy clinics, and home users seeking elegance and highly functional Pilates equipment.

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