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Point of Relief

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The Point of Relief provides for deep tissue and myofascial release, giving tremendous pain relief. But it's not just about managing your pain, the Point of Relief also enables you to perform your Pilates at a better level and for longer, by releasing the muscles that cause you discomfort or restriction within your workout.  The Point of Relief is versatile, and can be used anywhere.



Point of Relief [Blue]

The Point of Relief is designed to give true deep tissue muscle tension release. With its generous height, standing at 80mm tall and sturdy base, 80mm square it can get into all the difficult to reach areas throughout your body. It's made from high grade rubber and silicone that comes together to form a highly durable product with a comfortable feel to give the best results for self treatment or to be used by a practitioner to reduce finger stress.




Standing at 80mm tall, with a sturdy base measuring 80mm square

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