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Combo Chair Springs (RRP $160.00 a pair)

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SPRING MAINTENANCE - Preventative maintenance is the key to smooth operating equipment as well as keeping your liability to a minimum. Springs need to be inspected on a daily basis. PILATES HEALTH EQUIPMENT recommends Combo Chair | Wunda Chair springs be replaced on an annual basis to ensure performance and safety. Springs pose an extreme liability if used when not correctly maintained. Always replace any spring at first sign of wear; for example, spring deformation, gaps in coils, elongation of the connection fittings, twanging noises that develop, or uneven resistance felt with extension of the spring (consult PILATES HEALTH EQUIPMENT if uncertain).

Combo Chair Springs

Our Combo chair springs are made of a similar design to our trapeze and Reformer spring sets, but the resistance levels are significantly higher.

Please note: This product is non-refundable and non-returnable.  Warranty is extended only when used with Pilates Health Equipment brand of equipment.


Overall length: 350mm [eye connection point to eye connection point]

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